JODIE VEE'S offers dog training classes in a fun setting to help you learn to understand your relationship with your pet. Classes and private training sessions focus on being fair, kind, and consistent in order to communicate to your pet your expectations. We invite you to explore our website and appreciate your interest!

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News & Upcoming Events:

  • 05-20-15:  We have a new mailing list, you can subscribe below.  Many changes coming soon!  Thanks!

  • 04-29-15:  ​It's finally here!  Richard Edge is in Champaign, IL and the seminar will be in full swing tomorrow.  It's going to be a fun filled four days ahead and we will be very busy with the seminar.  Please feel free to contact us with any question about classes and training during the seminar however we will not be returning any calls or answering any emails during the next few days.  Thank you for your understanding during this time.   Have a great weekend and we look forward to talking soon!

  • 04-22-15:  The current schedule is up now!  I've added registration for upcoming Puppy classes and Level 1 with the rest upcoming so check back often.

  • 03-20-15:  On-line registration options for the Richard Edge Seminar are up.  Currently you have two options, to pay in full or make a deposit.  If you make a deposit please get in contact with us to setup a plan to pay off the remaining balance.  PayPal installment plans will be coming latter tonight.

  • 03-19-15:  ​All current class schedules and registration forms are online.  We have two new level 1 classes to sign up for Reactive Rover and Multi-Dog Household.  We also have a Senior Dog class for current members to sign up for on the Members page.  If you have any questions please contact us, thank you!

  • 03-18-15:  The class schedule is up, registration forms should be up soon.  You will notice under the schedule there are three new classes being offered this session.  You can find a description of them under the Classes page.  Also you will see a new menu item for Seminars, it's under work but I wanted to get up the information for Richard Edge.  Sign ups for the seminar along with an option to pay in installments will be up later today as well.

    Update:  All class registration forms are online now except for the three new classes.  Still waiting to verify information with Jodie and Tia.  Richard Edge should be up soon.

  • 03-11-15:  Puppy class schedules and Level 1 class schedules are now online and registration forms are up.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • 03-01-15:  All classes are cancelled today Sunday March 1st. Thank you and be safe out there.

  • 02-19-15:  In case you missed it, Jodie was on WCIA Channel 3 this morning on Current.  Click for link to the show.

  • 02-06-15:  All class registration forms should be up and accessiable.  If you have any problems please contact us and let us know.  We look forward to seeing you in class!

  • 02-04-15:  Current class schedules are up online.  All Puppy Classes and Level 1 registration forms are online as well now.  If you are looking to sign up for Level 2 and beyond, I should have those up on the members section soon.  Thank you!

  • 01-16-15:  Welcome to the new year a little late everyone!  We've had some requests for Level 1 sign ups for classes starting in February going into March.  The schedule as well as signup forms should be available on the website now.  Another question asked a lot is whether you have to pay online if you signup online.  No you do not, the form will still submit but when the payment form comes up you can close out of it and we will get confirmation you signed up but haven't paid.  You can then pay by check or cash if you prefer.  And as always please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have.  Happy New Year and we can't wait to share some of the fun and exciting things we have coming up this year!  So check back often and as always follow us on Facebook too.

  • 12-19-14:  I've noticed many questions on class prices.  I've added to the schedule the prices, six weeks classes are $95 and four week classes are $80 unless stated otherwise.  When you sign up you are given an option to pay and the prices should be correct, if you notice any incorrect prices please let us know.  Thank you.

  • 12-16-14:  All classes are up and adjustments were made to the schedule.  We've changed the puppy classes around and added Puppy II.  Please check out the descriptions and schedule and sign up!  If you are a current client and would like to sign up remember to go to the members area.  If you have any issues getting signed up or registering for classes there is an e-mail link to contact the webmaster.  Thank you.

  • 12-3-14:  New class schedule is up along with registration forms on the members area.  If you haven't registered please do so or if you have any trouble logging in or registering please send me an e-mail.  Thank you.

  • 11-12-14:  Puppy 101 is an exciting new class designed for puppies ages 10 weeks - 9 months and their families who want to learn tips on handling common puppy challenges. Some of the topics that will be covered include potty training, crate training, sit/down, puppy nipping, jumping, first aid, and fun and games. Puppy 101 is a great class to take at the same time as Level 1 or before taking Level 1. Medical Form is required to be completed before class begins.  Register on-line now!

    Registration for Level 1 Basic Canine Companion classes in January are available now!  Please go to the current class schedule or click on the time you would like to register for.  And as always you can pay online through our secure servers.  Thanks!

  • 11-11-14:  November classes are in full swing.  Loose Leash Walking and Recall was a huge success and was so popular it had to be broken up into two classes.  Tia Prather is the lead instructor and offered fresh fun ideas to help clients and their dogs.   Current class registration has ended but keep an eye on the front page, we should have the upcoming schedule up soon and also a new class for puppies.

  • 11-10-14:  Pictures from the Halloween Event at Jodie Vees are up.  Thank you Tia for the pictures, everyone looked like they had a great time!

  • 11-04-14:  Jodie was on Current on WCIA Channel 3 yesterday morning with Levi discussing dog training and therapy work.  In case you missed it and didn't get a chance to record it or watch it here is a link to the story on WCIA's homepage:  Training a therapy dog.

  • 10-20-14:  The members area is live, pages have been setup for all advanced classes.  You may register and we will activate or create an account for you.  Sign ups for Level 1 are still on the main page under "Classes" menu option.  Check back often as we add more to the member area.

  • 10-13-14:  The current schedule has been updated with the November through December classes.  Level 1 class registrations are up, please go register and if you click on the Medical Form link under the Classes menu you can print out the medical release form needed to attend class.  If you have any questions please contact us and we will get back to you.  You can pay for all Level 1 classes online and the forms are protected by 128-bit SSL Encryption so they are secure.

  • 10-12-14:  The new schedule for classes should be up soon.  We have setup on line form registration for Level 1 classes and are currently working on a signup for all classes in a member area.  The Level 1 registration links will be found on the Classes menu.  We use a third party company Wufoo for our form creation and security.  They uses 128-bit SSL encryption integrated with Stripe.  You will be given an opertunity to pay on submittal of the form and it's secure and easy.

  • 10-07-14:  Classes are in full swing and we have some adorable puppies in the level 1 class.  Registration has currently ended but keep an eye on the page as next sessions classes will be up soon.  And please feel free to submit a question and we will get back to you soon.

  • 09-20-14:  Current classes end this Saturday, puppy graduation with fun and games in Saturdays class.

  • 09-19-14:  Registration for classes for the fall have begun, don't forget to check out the Current Schedule and register.