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September 21-25,2016

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JODIE VEE'S "fun dog training"

DAY TWO  (Thu Sept 22)


  • ​Does your dog prefer rabbits, shrubs or even leaves blowing instead of you?

Day two will center around getting your dog to find you much more interesting and actually come to you when you call them!  For those who have mastered a great retrieve-you won't be left out! Richard will expand the concepts of your skills to and advanced level!

DAY ONE (Wed Sept 21)


  • Fido and you disagree which direction to go?   Lots of leash tugging, pulling or just refusing to go for a walk?

​​Day one focuses on many unique techniques for you and your pooch to begin enjoying walks together as best friends should!

DAY THREE  (Fri Sept 23)


  • ​So you think having another tool for your dog might not be useful....well think again?

Day three will give you insight and practice having a different tool to use with your dog.  Just like people, dogs respond to different training methods on any given day.  Why not give clicker training a try so your toolbox grows!  (Clickers will be provided for those who don't own one.)  This day is recommended for day 4 and 5 participants.

You asked for it.....

.......A dog training workshop with tons of hands on practice with one of the top dog trainers and behaviorists on the planet.

.......Richard Edge is coming back to the USA to offer and extraordinary experience to trainers and enthusiasts!

.......And you can choose the days you attend to fit YOUR schedule and BUDGET!

DAY FOUR  (Sat Sept 24)


Day four:  All dogs have noses and what a great way to learn to let your dog be a dog!  Nose games are such a terrific way to help your dog use their brain and tire them in a different way than just physically walking them.  Of course, Richard will put his own twist on this making it tons of fun for everyone!

DAY FIVE  (Sun Sept 25)


Day five:  Learn how to train your dog to help you around the house.....pick up keys and bring them to you, fetch the remote without eating it, put toys back in the toy box and so much more!