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Jodie Vee’s Refund Policy

By confirming your registration, you are agreeing to these policies.

Our policies have been created under legal advisement and are similar to those common to elective educational programs and other professional services, in that once a deadline has passed, a program has begun and/or materials have been sent and/or received, there are no refunds or transfers permitted, other than those specified in this document.

CONFIRMATION:  All classes, professional courses and private sessions must be confirmed by payment.  If your payment does not arrive by the agreed date and time and other arrangements have not been made, your reservation is immediately cancelled.  Once your reservation is confirmed by payment, our refund policies apply.  At that point you own only the dates, times, and services you have paid for.  Note: class registrations are non-transferable without prior approval.  

TRANSFER BETWEEN CLASSES:  Transfer between classes will only be permitted if space allows and the dog and handler are suited to that particular group.              

NSF CHEQUES:  You will be held legally responsible for all NSF cheques and the applicable charges.  A service charge of $25 will be charged on all NSF cheques.  We reserve the right to certify any and all cheques at your bank before processing.  All non-payments will be sent to collections after 60 days unless other arrangements have been made.

MISSED CLASSES:  If you miss a scheduled class, contact your instructor to find out which exercises you missed.  Practice these exercises at home following your instructor’s advice, and we will do our best to catch you up during the following class.  A private make-up session can be arranged for a fee of $25 per half hour.  Make-up classes are not always available and there will be no refunds for missed classes.  Please make sure your schedule is in order before confirming your reservation. 

EMERGENCY CANCELLATIONS BY STUDENT:  If cancellation is due to a serious emergency, serious illness or death, the no refund policies still apply, however, other arrangements may be made and replacement classes may be offered at Jodie Vee’s discretion. Please contact us for more information. Proof may be requested in the form of a legal document such as; doctor’s note, death certificate, police report etc.

EMERGENCY CANCELLATIONS BY JODIE VEE’s:  If cancellation is due to an uncontrollable event such as but not limited to; weather closures, hydro or furnace malfunction, teacher's vehicle breakdown or illness, the no refund policies still apply, however, other arrangements will be made as needed for replacement classes.  


Classes cancelled  no less than fourteen days before the starting date will receive a full refund minus a $10 cancellation/processing fee.
Classes cancelled between fourteen and seven days before the starting date will receive a 50% refund.
Classes cancelled under seven days before the starting date or after the starting date will receive no refund but may be offered another class at no additional charge if the reason for cancellation is serious or unavoidable at Jodie Vee’s discretion. 

If Jodie Vee’s is able to fill the opening, a full refund will be given minus a $10 processing fee. Jodie Vee’s reserves the right to make exceptions to all of the above circumstances.

I acknowledge that I fully understand the terms provided on this document and by confirming my reservation that I am doing so, voluntarily and unconditionally.